Fossil Free RI held its first meeting on April 3rd 2013 at the University of Rhode Island.

Fossil Free Rhode Island spurs real action on runaway climate change, which poses a mortal threat to the web of life of which the human species is a part. We seek justice for those on the front lines of climate change both locally and globally, which includes low-income communities, people of color, indigenous populations, and vulnerable communities in general.

We believe that:

  • The use of fossil fuels should be eliminated;
  • Atmospheric greenhouse gasses should be reduced to make a habitable world possible;
  • Fossil fuels should be left in the ground;
  • All fossil fuel infrastructure expansion should be terminated immediately;
  • All institutions that serve the public good should divest from fossil fuels.

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Webster, MA, joins the opposition the Invenergy-Raimondo power plant in Burrillville

The Raimondo administration still welcomes Polsky’s Invenergy’s and continues the pursuit of its Jobs on a Dead Planet Program. Their isolation is becoming more painful by the day.

Rhode Island rejects the Invenergy-Raimondo power plant to be sited in Burrillville

(Last updated in March 13, 2017.)

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Here’s why: Governor Raimondo supports fracked gas:

I am committed to moving ahead with cost-effective, regional energy infrastructure projects – including expansion of natural gas capacity …

The governor also supports a new fracked-gas fired power plant that has been proposed for Burrillville.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is on record supporting fracked gas as a bridge fuel.  For the longest time, he had not taken a position on the power plant.  Finally, he shows his true colors: Sen. Whitehouse backs Burrillville power plant.

We’re still waiting for the senator’s position on the other fossil-fuel projects in RI, such as the Fields Point LNG facility in Providence and two successive build-outs of a compressor station in Burrillville to service a massively expanded pipeline.

Just remember, they say “jobs,” but exports is what they mean.

Ignoring the health risks of fracked gas and building new fossil fuel infrastructure at a time when we need to slash our greenhouse gas emissions is unconscionable.

Yet another video about the “ethics” of or Senator Whitehouse’s “non-intervention”

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“The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world it leaves to its children.” (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

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The ruling class will survive climate change just fine — thank you!

The ruling class will survive climate change just fine — thank you!