Keystone XL & Direct Action

Oglala Sioux vow to stop Keystone XL on the ground if US Cartoon Character in Chief won’t say no.

Indigenous group has been touring United States and Canada offering direct action training to nations committed to standing with the Sioux.

In response to the US State Department’s environmental report that says Keystone wouldn’t increase the country’s carbon emissions Oglala Sioux president Bryan Brewer, along with organizations Honour the Earth, Owe Aku and Protect the Sacred, released a statement declaring they will stand with the Lakota people to block the pipeline.


The US State Department is clearly delusional. We’re talking about climate change, a global problem, and they say that it won’t increase the national carbon emissions.

Undoubtedly, somewhere in a Pentagon cave, they are making plans to wipe out the evil doers abroad who pollute our atmosphere with emissions generated by fossil fuels we supply.

Beats me why some still insist on referring to these cartoon characters as leaders.

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