Welcome to The Anthropocene!

World Bank Rings Alarm &mdsah; Global North Yawns

World Bank Rings Alarm — Global North Yawns

Thank you for joining us in The Anthropocene!

  • We offer snow storms, heat waves, typhoons and dust bowls.
  • Make sure you sign up for our Arctic methane releases.
  • We can’t wait to show you Florida as it disappears under the waves.
  • Be part of our mass extinctions!

We do hope that by now you have received your share of the spoils of the 1% wrecking of the biosphere; if not be sure to contact one of our fossil fuel sales associates.

You’ll find a preview of the breathtaking Anthropocene! events in our colorful prospectus co-sponsored by The World Bank.

But wait until you see our exciting surprises!

If you have time for a break, click on the Suspend The Law of Physics Petition.  It has gone viral and just a simple click will give you a tremendous sense of empowerment.  We guarantee that it will not interfere the exhilarating attractions of our Anthropocene! in Action show has to offer.

Turn up the heat, off with the lights & enjoy the show!

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