Guy McPherson’s Climate Change — The End? Part I & What We Can Do

Naomi Klein extracts the essence compactly, elegantly and undeniably. This is capitalism in its final phase, self-destruction:

Climate change is a collective problem demanding collective action the likes of which humanity has never actually accomplished. Yet it entered mainstream consciousness in the midst of an ideological war being waged on the very idea of the collective sphere.

This deeply unfortunate mistiming has created all sorts of barriers to our ability to respond effectively to this crisis. It has meant that corporate power was ascendant at the very moment when we needed to exert unprecedented controls over corporate behavior in order to protect life on earth. It has meant that regulation was a dirty word just when we needed those powers most. It has meant that we are ruled by a class of politicians who know only how to dismantle and starve public institutions, just when they most need to be fortified and reimagined. And it has meant that we are saddled with an apparatus of “free trade” deals that tie the hands of policy-makers just when they need maximum flexibility to achieve a massive energy transition.

So much for the cause of our predicament. Now let’s look at the a possible scenario for the results of our collective insanity:

Guy McPherson’s Climate Change — The End? Part I (April 12, 2014, URI)

Do we know that the end is near? No, of course we don’t, but we’ve reached the point that it’s a possible outcome of the uncontrolled global experiment we are conducting. If it won’t be human extinction, do you find much solace in the idea that the 1% might survive while Earth will throw the 99% overboard?

What we can do

Here’s an abbreviated version of some of the options:

Before you know it the Vulture Capitalist Class with its “charity” & its “philantropy” will leave the State. Nobody will miss them, but we’ll welcome them back when they return to be part of the better and peaceful world we’re about to create.

There won’t be any borders nor will there patents, and money changers will have been thrown out of the Temple of our Participatory Commonwealth.

The upcoming election events will be people magnets:  dark-money will bring in the people, and we’ll invade those events to spread our message.  The climate leaves us no other choice — capitalism is become Death, the destroyer of worlds.

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