Guy McPherson’s Climate Change — The End? Part 2

Part 2 of Climate Change & Human Extinction, produced, filmed and edited by Robert Malin is here!

(If you missed the Part 1 of the series follow this link.)
Lets’ take one of Guy’s comments and confront it with The World, According to our Senators from the Military-Industrial Complex.

Here we have Guy:

The United States Department of Defense, in their Quadrennial Review, includes climate change among the national security threats, not to humans not even to civilization; to the United States! It’s a security threat:

It’s going to get so dusty out there, our tanks are not going to be able to bomb everybody you guys need to. The rain is going to come at inopportune times, so the drones won’t be able to focus in on that wedding party in Pakistan.

Here we have Jack, who’s whining about the fact that he’ll have to fund a new fleet in the Arctic, so the Navy can protect U.S. commerce against …  Terrorist polar bears?  After all, as Jack observes in his wisdom, nothing gets traction unless it relates to our pocket books or national security.

Jack, the poor soul, who’s been on Armed Services Committee for decades, sits there sighing and suffering from the fact that has has no money.  It must indeed take decades of training to forget that the United States allocates more for defense spending than the next eight countries combined.

Here, once again, we have Jack, a lifelong supporter of unfettered crony capitalism, somebody who has made a career of spreading a gospel consisting of nothing, but for the dollar as the sole unit of value.  Meanwhile, Sheldon nods in awe of Jack’s mastery of the subject.

Nobody will be surprised that the apostles of this creed have become so self-absorbed that they can drone on about climate change without ever acknowledging the

  • tens or hundreds of millions of lives it will cut short
  • suffering of sentient creatures
  • ecocide


There are alternatives for the murderous worldview exemplified by our Senators from Warprofiteria. Undoubtedly, they think of themselves as compassionate realists with their view that only the bottom line and national security matter. They may be right, but if so, it’s only because they have created this reality.

A better world is possible and here is a modest beginning:
Global economic sharing: the most important debate of our time?

The implications of moving towards a global sharing economy are immense, but there are many reasons to embrace this simple concept – which is far more radical and urgent than it may at first seem. As a primer from STWR [Share the World Resources] makes clear, the necessity of sharing the World’s resources is central to the most critical issues that face humanity in the 21st century.

To understand how all of this hangs together with Guy’s dire predictions we have to do no more than realize that the industrialized word is responsible for the causing the existential threat posed by global climate change. Without this realization, humanity will continue on its march in the desert of mass extinction.

For on the who-done-it see Fossil Free RI puts Rhode Island climate bill in perspective.

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