For we have sown the wind, and we shall reap the whirlwind

Deirdre Smith wrote a post entitled Why the Climate Movement Must Stand with Ferguson in which she wrote:

The ruling class will survive climate change just fine — thank you!

The ruling class will survive climate change just fine — thank you!

Demonization and the illusion of the “other” allows mainstream US to feel unaffected and disconnected to the employment of unacceptable and institutionally supported militarized violence. If we hope to build anything together and employ our combined power we must deny that anyone is an “other” – denying this pervasive cultural norm isn’t easy but it’s a central challenge we face.

Send a thank-you note to our RI Congressional Delegation for their unrelenting support for the military-industrial-academic-prison-infotainment complex and if you want to learn more join
AUG 23, 2014 Fighting the Systems: Destabilizing Systemic Oppression in the U.S

If you can’t make it,  please don’t forget to send a note to our RI Congressional delegation thanking them for their unrelenting support of

  • the military-industrial complex, aka Bomb, Baby, Bomb!
  • the Natural Gas Bridge to Hell, Wall Street’s latest project catering to the entitlements of the ruling class, aka Drill, Baby, Drill!

We’re all disposable commodities now!

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