Eddy County, New Mexico: Aerial view of the “Oil Patch” in the Permian Basin, revitalized by the fracking industry. ©2014 Julie Dermansky for Ocean 8 Films

Rhode Island DEM supports AIM Project

Dr. James Hansen, who, when he wrote this Friend of the Court brief in 2011 directed the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, had this to say about the climate and greenhouse gas emissions:

Effective action remains possible, but delay in undertaking sharp reductions in emissions will undermine any realistic chance of preserving a habitable climate system–needed by future generations no less than by prior generations.

Politicians and their appointees have a strange sense of reality and pragmatism.  They seem to think that their concern for the economy—aka gain wealth, forgetting all but self—suspends the laws of physics.  One might ask if that is the People’s economy or the one that provides the 1% with their entitlements.  What I really would like to know is: has Mother Nature been informed?

Politicians and their appointees are the symptoms; the disease is called capitalism and it manifests itself in the positions taken by Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo:

Rhode Island must create conditions that will jumpstart our struggling economy, provide more certainty on energy costs for businesses, and create jobs,” said Raimondo. “To achieve this we must collaborate on a regional level to reduce energy costs and strengthen grid reliability, all while advancing important environmental goals. I am committed to moving ahead with cost-effective, regional energy infrastructure projects – including expansion of natural gas capacity – that will improve our business climate and create new opportunities for Ocean State workers. I look forward to discussing our region’s pressing energy challenges with my fellow Governors, and implementing cooperative solutions that enhance New England’s shared economic future.”

Interesting detail: on May 22, 2015 the US Department of Energy secreted the following:


to Pieridae Energy (USA), LTD.

The AIM Pipeline expansion is necessary to make the connection to Canada via Spectra Energy’s Atlantic Bridge Project:

Securing the energy future of the New England States and the Maritime Provinces by providing a direct connection to clean and abundant regional supplies of natural gas

That’s why we say: “#StopSpectra.”

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