Who’s in bed with whom on the crack-infested natural gas bridge to nowhere

This is a work in progress, a list of who is making money on natural gas in Rhode Island:

<National Grid asks to install new LNG storage equipment at Fields Point facility

Spectra Energy of the Burrillville natural gas pipeline expansion is linked up with National Grid and Eversource Energy. They are joined in a crime syndicate called Access Northeast Energy.

Spectra Energy’s Access Northeast plan includes a second expansion of the Burrillville compressor station and the corresponding pipeline expansion would be payed for by us, the customers: See this Boston Globe article for more.

Sheldon Whitehouse has National Grid and his biggest energy sponsor.

Our whole congressional delegation recites the Access Northeast Energy talking points as if it’s the bible. Our senators are playing both sides of the fence and have expressed concern about export of LNG: here is a letter to Secretary Moneys of Energy.

The timing of the latter was such that it did not endanger the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission decision about the AIM Project.

Gina Raimondo has been pushing natural gas (here’s her press release) and has well documented ties with Wall Street.

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