Dear Raimondo team

Dear Raimondo team:

Your fracked gas policy—as set forth in this press release—clashes with your duty to protect the environment—Art. 1 Sec. 17 of the RI Constitution.

For the health and climate impacts of your policy, please refer to this compendium published by Concerned Health Professionals of NY.

How, if I may ask, will you explain to your children and grandchildren your failure to act in accordance your constitutional duty?

You seem to think that political pragmatism will suspend the laws of
nature. I am not aware of any experimental findings that support this point of view and I regret that you chose to turn down my request to meet with the Governor in your email of last October 6the stating: “At this time the Governor’s schedule is extremely tight and we cannot schedule a meeting of this type.”

Yours respectfully,
Peter Nightingale
Professor of Physics

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