Empire and corporate power in the time of climate change

Watch this interview with Nick Buxton on the Real News Network: “US National Security Policy for Climate Change Seeks Security for Corporate-Controlled Assets.”
Then listen to our own U.S. Senator Jack Reed as he addresses RI environmentalists a while back.
After that, explain to me what the real difference between what the two right wings of the duopoly, other than the sound of the rhetoric.
For our Senator Jack Reed—who will most likely be the chair of the Armed Service Committee if the Democ Rats take back the U.S. Senate for the Corp Rats—climate change is just another but a security threat.
Imagine looking at our U.S. Senate, of which Jack Reed is a pretty representative one-member sample, and ask yourself how others see us, say the people of Bangladesh, the Philippines, and the refugees around the Mediterranean to name just a few..
When you corner our members of our RI congressional delegation, their reply invariably is some variant of:
  1. If we don’t do it the Russians will.
  2. This brings jobs to RI.
Never mind that those jobs will be mostly be supplied by the funeral industry.
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