Information for the “Dance” at Senator Whitehouse’s 2017 Clam Bake

Event link & reasons


The location of Senator Whitehouse’s fundraiser is Kempenaar’s Clambake Club, 323 Valley Road, Middletown, RI 02842. It’s on a dirt road on the west side of Valley Rd, (RT 214).

It is possible that police will direct you elsewhere; if not, we recommend the following.

East of Valley Road, just behind Hogan Associates Real Estates, is the Middletown DHS Office, which we recommend for general parking. This links to a map is centered at the DHS building. There also is street parking just south, on Goldenrod Drive.

On the dirt road toward Kempenaar’s is the Newport Animal Hospital.  We do not recommend general parking at that location but if you have trouble walking, it’s an option.

March—Cancelled—Meet at Valley Road X dirt road

Meet at Middletown DHS Office parking lot and march to destination at 1PM.


Dance Music

Sheet Music

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